Gloss Enhancement

Over 12 hours intense labour to get best results on your paint. Smoother and glossier finish. Chose between our top level wax or ceramic coating to add a level of protection

This minor paint correction package is designed for cars that need just a little boost in gloss, those getting ready to be sold, or those in need or minor correction services. This is NOT a paint correction process in the broad sense of the term. It is designed to satisfy the needs of a lot of the daily driven cars just looking for a spruce up greater than what a simple waxing will provide. The end result will be a smoother and glossier finish!

- Wash ( Bodywork only)

- Clay decontamination

- Paint decontamination

- Single polish step for added gloss and depth

- Up to 50-60% of light defects will be removed

- Hydrophobic fully synthetic wax ( 4 months protection when maintenance washes are followed per instructions)

From £175* depending on vehicle size

*Starting prices are for customers based in West Midlands and surrounding areas. For other areas please contact us and we'll be glad to help.

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